X Shore


A new Era

Through new technology, research and smart design, X Shore strives to bring sustainability and innovation to the marine industry by manufacturing 100% electric boats.

The Power of Silence

The Sound of Nature. Electric power produces a minimum carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels. It also banishes toxic fumes and disruptive noises, letting you focus on more important things such as the surrounding nature.



A fusion of software and hardware. Practical, smart and beautifully designed to blend in with nature, each X Shore craft features a modular interior and hull that is optimized for efficient going through water.


Outstanding acceleration and speed in combination with distance traveled. X Shore crafts can reach up to 40 knots, with a cruising speed of 25 knots. A distance of 100 NM can be reached when traveling at lower speeds.


Everyone talks about X Sore

Konrad Bergström, X Shore’s founder

Konrad Bergström, X Shore’s founder

Last May X Shore said hello to the world in Palma de Mallorca with the presentation of the Eelex 8000 and Eelex 6500. The event had a good impact in the entire international media.