Sun Concept


Solar Catamaran

0 noises, 0 emissions, 0 expenses. To navigate with the CAT 12.0 you only need the sun. Its photovoltaic panels can store up to 5.8kW, generating energy to drive up to 14.5 knots for free, in complete silence, and best of all, respecting the planet.


Unlimited range

100% self-sufficient. Between 5 and 6 knots, since the solar panels’ production is equal to or greater than what the boat consumes, its range is infinite. At 8 knots, the ideal cruising speed, you can navigate a whole day and finish with the batteries at 40%.


Versatile design

An eco-friendly lounge. Its large space and versatile design in a lounge version, adapts to different situations, being a perfect boat for both recreational and tourist events. It has seating areas, support tables, and a full bar!

Eco Charter

Economic maintenance. CAT 12.0 is the most competitive solar boat in its entire range. With a 85% cheaper maintenance than traditional boats, it is a great option both as a private yacht or as luxury eco charter.