X Shore makes an impact in Mallorca

Last May X Shore said hello to the world in Palma de Mallorca. Its founder, the Swedish Konrad Bergström, presented the models Eelex 8000 and Eelex 6500 to all the international press. And of course, he did it in a different way. The sea trials were enlivened with sustainable cuisine. Konrad opened the doors of his house in Palma to the journalists, where they tasted the dishes of Frida Ronge, renowned Swedish chef in ecological food.

Since then, X Shore has been called "The Tesla of the Seas".

We leave you with the quotes we have found more relevant.

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The silence challenge. One unexpected technical challenge emerged from the realization that non-combustion propulsion still produces sounds. Squeaks, groans and whirrs from vibrations of bearings, moving shafts and spinning propellers are normally masked out by the roar of a combustion motor. To engineer a solution for silence, X Shore developed a magnetic gear box and removed grease from bearings. FORBES: This Wine Loving Swedish Entrepreneur Just Launched A Sleek Range Of Luxurious Electric Boats

Unsustainable companies will die. If you run a company, you’re supposed to make money. Otherwise you go bankrupt. But I found something where we can make money but at the same time do good. It’s an inspiration for sustainability. A company that is not sustainable will not be alive in five years. FORBES: This Wine Loving Swedish Entrepreneur Just Launched A Sleek Range Of Luxurious Electric Boats


The world’s first line of green boats. X Shore was a combination of looking at nature, being part of it, and seeing boats that were not that well designed and functional. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: This High-Design Electric Yacht Aims to Change Boating Forever

Modular production. He brings up the car industry often when talking about his ambitions for the company and says how he’s creating a modular platform for boats, one that can be customized and evolve but also produced by the thousands. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: This High-Design Electric Yacht Aims to Change Boating Forever

In harmony with the sea. I was going out as a stressed-out businessman with all the fumes from the engine, and creating sound pollution," he recalls. "Yet I wanted to be in harmony with the sea, to hear the sound of water against the side of the boat, to get my energy back. I couldn't hear the other people in the boat over the noise of the engine. FORBES: Why This Could Be The Tesla Of Electric Boats - And You Could Own Some Of It

The best collaborators. For the construction of his boats, X Shore has contracted Rolls Royce, Chalmers University, and, for the production, the Swedish shipyard Storebro. When we talk about Rolls Royce, we talk about luxury cars but it is not the only activity of the company. For more than 40 years, it has its own hydrodynamic research center equipped with two cavitation tunnels. That's why X Shore used this company to calculate and validate the propulsion system. As for Chalmers University (Gothenburg Sweden), this university is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world specialized in advanced research, particularly in hydrodynamics. That's why X Shore collaborated with students and teachers to improve the model the boat. The construction, it has been entrusted to the Swedish shipyard Storebro, known for more than 70 years for the realization of prestigious high-end boats. LE FIGARO NAUTISME: X Shore : un nouveau concept de bateau 100% électrique


Sustainable materials. The Eelex promises to help revolutionize the conservative nautical world, betting strong on sustainable materials, thus all the deck of the boat has been constructed with cork made in Portugal. PUBLICO PORTUGAL: Um barco eléctrico sueco de luxo com toque português

Sailing is cheaper. To travel 100 nautical miles, for example, a conventional one spends 60 liters of fuel, around 120 euros; while charging the Eelex battery goes for around 12 euros. EXPANSIÓN: X Shore, el barco eléctrico que quiere ser el Tesla del mar


The “People Boat”. Our goal is to propose a boat to be produced in large numbers, and all over the world. We want to become the "people boat", the boat for everyone. The future of mobility can only pass from electric propulsion. This boat is a prototype, but within five years we are aiming to optimize the product and the construction system, and to lower the selling price ". WIRED ITALIA: X Shore, la barca elettrica che vuole diventare la Tesla del mare

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